5 reasons to keep watching

If you are anything like me it has been getting harder and harder to tune into the disaster that has become the Toronto Blue Jays 2009 season.  The promise and the joy of the Blue Jays hot start has been replaced by the sadness of watching Toronto finish out another season far out of contention. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto is my team and I will follow ‘em through to the end season even if I am sickened by the out come, but all hope is not lost there are still some reasons to keep tuning into the games.

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Trust us, its a great vehicle…just no 2nd gear

The New York Yankees came into town and swept the Jays in a 2 game mini-series. Its not really the losses that hurt, its the way it was done. Words like sloppy and listless come to mind though we can`t really say with 100% certainty that is what is ailing the Toronto Blue Jays right now. Woodpecker was in the crowd for the 2nd game that ended 8-4. We were screaming for more from the Jays bats and pitchers and were left to the most part unsatisfied. Where was the late rally? Read more »

I Just Don’t Know How to Quit You…

“I’ll be there…by your side” – Sade

Consider that song my tribute to you, Vernon Wells. You had me at hello.  Your big bat, your big arm, your big smile, your big nose. We had so much in common from the very beginning. We could have been soulmates. Read more »


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Weekly Recap

June 22nd – June 28th

Schedule & Results

  • Monday June 22 – Off day
  • Tuesday June 23 – TOR 7 CIN 5- Boxscore
  • Wednesday June 24 – TOR 8 CIN 2 – Boxscore
  • Thursday June 25 – CIN 7 TOR 5 – Boxscore
  • Friday June 26 – TOR 6 PHI 1 – Boxscore
  • Saturday June 27 – PHI 10 TOR 0 – Boxscore
  • Sunday June 28 – PHI 5 TOR 4 – Boxscore

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June 8th – June 14th

Schedule & Results

  • Monday June 8 – TOR 6 TEX 3 - Boxscore
  • Tuesday June 9 – TOR 9 TEX 0 – Boxscore
  • Wednesday June 10 – Rain out
  • Thursday June 11 – TEX 1 TOR 0 – Boxscore
  • Friday June 12 – FLA 7 TOR 3 – Boxscore
  • Saturday June 13 – FLA 6 TOR 5 – Boxscore
  • Sunday June 14 - FLA 9 TOR 3 – Boxscore

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June 1st – June 7th

Schedule & Results

  • Monday June 1st – Off Day
  • Tuesday June 2nd - TOR 6 LAA 4 - Boxscore
  • Wednesday June 3rd  - LAA 8 TOR 1 – Boxscore
  • Thursday June 4th  -  LAA 6 TOR 5 – Boxscore
  • Friday June 5th - TOR 9 KC 3 – Boxscore
  • Saturday June 6th - KC 6 TOR 2 – Boxscore
  • Sunday June 7th – TOR 4 KC 0 – Boxscore

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Snider returns

Earlier today the Toronto Blue Jays announced the recall of top hitting prospect Travis Snider from Triple A Las Vegas. The 21-year-old... Read more »

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Toronto fails to sign Paxton

2009 supplemental first rounder James Paxton and the Toronto Blue Jays could not come to terms and the lefthander will return... Read more »

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2009 first round pick Chad Jenkins signs

The Toronto Blue Jays have come to terms with their first overall pick in the 2009 amateur draft RHP Chad Jenkins. While full... Read more »

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Jays allow White Sox to claim Rios

Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Alex Rios has been acquired viawaivers by the Chicago White Sox netting the Toronto Blue Jays... Read more »

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Rios claimed on waivers, Jays face decision

Sources around MLB are reporting that Toronto outfielder Alex Rios has been claimed on waivers leaving the Jays with several options... Read more »

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