September 12, 2008

Sad really – I have been giving it 110% lately too. Every time I open my word processor my goal is to write the masterpiece that everyone will love – the veritable Booker Prize of the blogosphere. So I keep trying, day in and day out; leaving it all on the keyboard – so to speak.

It’s hard for me to compete really – it truly isn’t a level playing field; what with the resources that Darryl and Brendan and quite frankly the rest of the contributors to this site obviously have, even Paul has emerged lately as a true test to my linguistic skills.

How can I expect to compete with those guys when they obviously have more resources than I do? The best I can hope for is to slide my story in somewhere and have it read by a median of the visitors here. In truth however, I know before I start writing that I am competing with everyone that posts here for only a remote chance at blog greatness, more likely my story will be among the pack as being just read by a few – mediocre if you will.
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