All The President’s Men on Base

September 25, 2008

So I’ve been on hiatus for a week or so, if you’ve noticed(and, judging by the readership, you probably haven’t) and I’ve had some time to sit and think. During this time, I’ve come up with some pretty cutting-edge conspiracy theories involving the Salvation Army, aliens, and Clay Aiken. I won’t get into those with you, but the one I’d like to discuss is the one that really keeps me up at night. It involves the secret behind who their next president of the Toronto Blue Jays will be. Read more


August 22, 2008

A manly Red Sox fan showing his pride

The title of this post is just like the front page of the Sun when the Leafs play the Thrashers in January. We all know it’s not necessarily true, but it’s still fun to say (and yes, I promise to never use it again…unlike the Sun, who use the headline at least 82 times a year). The Jays could completely hammer the Red Sox this weekend, pick up 3 games, and then lose the following 3 or 4 and be right back where they are today. Or they could stink up the joint, then turn around and win a few after the Sox, and still be right back where they are today. But hey, why think like that. Let’s focus on the now, with one of the Jays most hated rivals coming into town. A team they swept with ease(albeit in only two games) last weekend. A team that has just as many World Series wins as the Jays in the last 90 years. A team that has a “nation”, just like another Toronto team in another sport. A team that has too many pink hats riding on top of North America’s women…and on gomers like the one pictured above.
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