June 8th – June 14th

June 9, 2009

Schedule & Results

  • Monday June 8 – TOR 6 TEX 3 - Boxscore
  • Tuesday June 9 – TOR 9 TEX 0 – Boxscore
  • Wednesday June 10 – Rain out
  • Thursday June 11 – TEX 1 TOR 0 – Boxscore
  • Friday June 12 – FLA 7 TOR 3 – Boxscore
  • Saturday June 13 – FLA 6 TOR 5 – Boxscore
  • Sunday June 14 - FLA 9 TOR 3 – Boxscore

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This is Shaping up 2B a Real Pitchers Duel

May 7, 2009

Last night, Doc Halladay faced the Angels. Often he is lined up against the number 1 pitcher on the opposing team’s staff. Not the case on this night as he faced rookie, Anthony Ortega. The result… a win!This raised a question that we’ve thought of before but never quite found the best answer for. Why doesn’t this scenario play out more often?

Its more likely our best pitcher will win against the other team’s 4th or 5th starter than it is against their 1st or 2nd. But that rarely happens. Why is Doc facing the other team’s best pitchers more often than not?

Take Doc’s next start as an example of what happens most times. He is due to face AJ Burnett of the Yankees. More or less their number 2 pitcher but the one who has been pitching the best out of the gate this season. Why not line up the Doc against the other team’s lesser lights than their best to ensure a win? Why roll the dice on using our best against their best and perhaps win that game when we’re more likely to win with poorer pitching on the other team and us having our best? The flipside of course is our 4th or 5th starter would have to face the other team’s best. Wouldn’t they bring their “A” game against their best? You would hope so and they likely would.

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We’re back!!!!!!

August 22, 2008

Ok it will definitely work better if you picture that creepy girl from Poltergeist saying that but you get the point. The former team of BJW has reformed at our new site Ok Blue Jays. I am very happy to be back in the Blue Jay fan site business and also thrilled that the majority of my old staff has joined me here.

I hope that we will see lots of familiar faces lining the messageboards and that we can get those boards back to the quality of discussion they were before the ownership of my old site let it fall into decay.

Welcome to all new and old.