Beeston back on interim basis

October 14, 2008

At a 1pm press conference today the Toronto Blue Jays announced the return of Paul Beeston to the Blue Jays baseball family as interim CEO. Beeston was President and CEO of the team during their glory days and is a member of the Level of Excellence. The Jays have stated Beeston will assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the baseball club and Rogers Centre, plus assist in finding his long term replacement.

Live and Let Live

September 5, 2008

There’s been hand-wringing around Toronto for years now, at least among us baseball types, about the “atmosphere”, or lack thereof, at the Skygers Dome. Where’s the passion? Where’s the cheering? Why do we do the wave? What’s with all these idiots leaving a 2-run game in the 9th? Why are Read more